WYSO Weekend: May 21, 2017

May 22, 2017

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, our weekly radio magazine. 


In this program you'll hear Culture Couch - WYSO’s occasional arts and culture series. We’ll also head out to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery with Community Voices producer Renee Wilde. See full program details below.

  • Last week on PoliticsOhio we focused on the Ohio governor's race. You can check that out online. This week, we hear about a few of the other political contests underway. Joining us is Ohio Statehouse News Bureau's Karen Kasler, with updates on some of the other state races she's keeping an eye on.   
  • When Jim McCutcheon goes on vacation, he’ll most likely bring his guitar along. Not simply as entertainment for when there’s downtime, but because it’s an extension of who he is. Jim’s been a musical fixture in Dayton since 1978 -- he teaches guitar classes to people of all ages, he’s released two children’s albums, and has several awards to his name. On May 17th he added another one - - the Governor's Award in the Arts for arts education. Culture Couch producer George Drake, Jr. spent time with McCutcheon to find out what keeps him going.
  • Today on Dayton Youth Radio, we have a story from Centerville High School called The Comeback. Project Coordinator Basim Blunt introduces the story.
  • Care is a documentary that centers on caregivers for the elderly and their clients. The film, which runs on May 21 at the Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs, looks at the lives of, not only the elderly and their families, but of the people who are taking care of them. The film's producer is Tony Heriza,  a 1974 graduate of Antioch College.  We spoke to him by phone to learn more about the film’s message.
  • The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is a popular destination for families to learn about science and the natural world. But many Miami Valley residents are unaware that behind the scenes, the museum has an extensive collection of artifacts from around the world. Community Voices producer Renee Wilde takes us there.