The 2016 election season has officially come to a close. In today’s Politics Ohio WYSO’s Jerry Kenney speaks with Secretary of State Jon Husted about fears of voter fraud that never materialized and new developments in voter registration.


Ohio Governor John Kasich Tuesday took action on two bills restricting abortion in the state.

One measure, known as the heartbeat bill, would have banned abortions at a fetus' first detectable heartbeat, which could come as early as six weeks for some women, who may not yet realize they are pregnant.

The governor vetoed that bill, saying it would never survive a court challenge and would cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

The two major party candidates - Trump and Clinton - have dominated the daily news cycle since receiving their party's nominations in July. This week we spoke with Dan Zink, development coordinator for the Ohio Libertarian Party in Montgomery County about their presidential hopeful, Gary Johnson.




Recently Rob Baker, a political Science professor at Wittenburg University, penned an op-ed for the Dayton Daily News about some important issues taking place in local governments.  To get the details, WYSO's Jerry Kenney spoke to Baker by phone this week.

Rob Baker’s book Government in the Twilight Zone is available from Suny Press and Amazon.

The Trump Campaign recently announced the opening of several campaign offices in Ohio. The move was not unexpected; presidential candidates generally begin ramping what's called "ground game" shortly after the primary elections. 

As part of our PoliticsOhio series, WYSO's April Laissle talked with Wright State political science professor Dr. Lee Hannah about what this means for Trump's campaign in Ohio, and nationally. 

On Tuesday, a panel of judges shot down "golden week", 7 days during which Ohio citizens could both register and vote at the same time.

For PoliticsOhio, WYSO's April Laissle talked to Statehouse News Bureau Chief Karen Kasler about why the issue was so contentious, and how it may affect the November election.

PoliticsOhio is a wrap-up of the week's important political news in the state. Each Friday during All Things Considered, the WYSO news department talks with political reporters and experts from across Ohio about local and statewide news.