The rotunda section of the Arcade is in urgent need of repair. downtown dayton
David Bohardt / Arcade Task Force

What’s Going To Happen To The Arcade? WYSO Curious Takes A Look

The downtown Dayton Arcade has been unoccupied for more than twenty years now. But 52-year-old Daytonian Aquetta Knight remembers a time when it was hopping. “Everybody I knew was down there,” she says. “They were the good old days.” Her dad was a shoe repairman in the Arcade, which also housed a fresh meat market, fresh fish, a popcorn store and a grocery. She’s like a lot of residents who want nothing more than to see it open back up. So she asked WYSO Curious a tough question—what’s gonna...
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New Climate Change Plan Gives Ohio Until 2030 To Cut Emissions

2 hours ago

The White House has come out with a sweeping strategy meant to mitigate the effects of climate change. The so-called Clean Power Plan requires every state to play a role in cutting carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Ohio gets 70 percent of its electricity from coal. The plan calls on the state to reduce its carbon emissions by about 28 percent by 2030. Environmental groups say the plan will go a long way toward curbing greenhouse gases. 

But Christian Palich with the Ohio Coal Association says the plan will hurt the state. 

luschei / Flickr Creative Commons

Although late summer occurs at different times and at different increments in different places, the first week of that season is almost always ragweed season. In the Deep South ragweed time may occur in July, and in along the Canadian border later in August.

Whenever it blooms ragweed goes with ripe blackberries in the brambles and grapes on arbors. Spicebush Berry Season, Privet Berry Season, Greenbrier Berry Season, and Poison Ivy Berry Season complement the ragweed, too.

Coroner: Ohio Motorist Shot By Cop Had Bottle Of Fragrance

14 hours ago

A coroner says a bottle held up by a motorist before he was shot by a University of Cincinnati police officer apparently contained a fragrance, not alcohol.

Hamilton County coroner Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco says lab analysis found compounds consistent with those in air fresheners or perfumes.

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State Treasurer Transparency Efforts Comes With High Price Tag

23 hours ago
State Treasurer Josh Mandel has been recruiting agencies to take part in Ohio Checkbook.
Ohio State Treasurer

It turns out comes – like most checking accounts -- with fees that total around $2.7 million.

State Treasurer Josh Mandel is going to the Ohio Controlling Board Monday morning to get the OK for a no-bid contract with a California startup called OpenGov. 

Mandel has won praise and bipartisan support for his effort to get cities, schools and other local governments to be transparent about their spending. But he hadn’t discussed the cost of the project.

The final cast for the Republicans’ first presidential debate Aug. 6 should be known Tuesday. 

Last week Kasich downplayed any concerns that he may or may not have about making that first debate in his home state.

“I don’t appraise my chances on that,” Kasich said. “You all know that. We’ll see what happens.”

Fox News said it will select the 10 candidates who will participate based on their average in the five most recent national polls. But Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges is confident Kasich will make the cut.  

Lori Gravley reads Julie Moore's poem, "The First Time I Saw A Shooting Star."

He's called Crazy Joe because you can't pin him down! This crazy genius will bring 1950s rock and roll via blazing guitar with touches of country and blues. You will love the "Outlaw" versions of your favorite 50s tunes but you will also rock and roll to the vintage sounds of his original numbers too. This is tonight, 7:30pm in downtown Troy.

Ohio two political party leaders spar over the state's biggest issues.
User: DonkeyHotey / Flickr/Creative Commons

Last week Gov. John Kasich announced he’s running for president. Next week the top 10 Republican candidates will debate in Cleveland. These two big political events are keeping the state’s two major political parties busy.

It’s easy to understand why Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges is looking forward to the debate: two new polls suggest that Gov. Kasich will make the cut. But Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper said he’s excited about the debate too, and the opportunity it will bring his party to talk about Kasich.

The University of Cincinnati will hire an outside firm to evaluate its police department. The comments of Chairman of the UC Board Tom Humes come after a suggestion made by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters that the department be disbanded. 

"I respect what he says, but I think that our police department at the university has been a absolutely key and vital component of our university's safety and security," Humes said.