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Vietnam Veteran Finds Comfort In Horses, Helps Others Vets Cope

Vietnam veteran William Goforth knows firsthand the challenge of returning to civilian life after a difficult deployment.
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A mostly empty building, 40 West Fourth St, with a reflection in its windows of part of the empty Dayton Arcade.
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How Many Downtown Dayton Buildings Are Empty? WYSO Curious Explores

Dayton’s first modern skyscraper stands at 40 West Fourth Street. It’s all glass on the outside, stretching 22 stories into the sky.
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Such A Night: The Last Waltz Live to benefit WYSO

Returns to the Dayton Art Institute November 25 & 27th

Open to everyone, The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national assignment to engage people of all ages in the act of listening.

Drones Among Hottest Holiday Gift Item, FAA Urges Caution

Nov 27, 2015
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After Thanksgiving comes another annual observance - the holiday shopping frenzy.  And among the top items on wish lists this year are unmanned aerial systems, or drones.

Forbes says the commercial drone market will generate more than a billion dollars in the U.S. this year, while the FAA predicts a million Americans will find the remotely operated machines under their Christmas tree next month, fueling fears that inexperienced or careless hobbyists will fly them into active airspace, and into possible collisions with jets and helicopters.

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Homelessness Advocates Say Ohio Needs More Affordable Housing

Nov 26, 2015

Thanksgiving is a time when many people decide to give back through volunteer work or donating to charities. Homeless advocates say they’re in the middle of a big fight to keep more people off the streets.


Bill Faith is executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio, also known as COHHIO. He says providing more affordable housing now can be a preemptive strike for people on the brink of getting kicked out of their homes.


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A coalition made of up mostly smaller family farmers says farmers receive only 19 cents of every dollar Ohioans spend on their Thanksgiving meals this year.


Ron Sylvester with the Ohio Farmers Union says figures from the US Department of Agriculture show turkey farmers get 93 cents on every pound of turkey that retails for $1.78 a pound. But other farmers get far less from the products they produce – such as wheat farmers.


Janeal Ravndal reads Maureen Fry's "Nature Poem."

Springfield's Upper Valley Mall, built in 1971, has suffered from the loss of several anchor tenants.
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An online auction yielded a $2.65 million bid last Thursday for Springfield's financially troubled Upper Valley Mall.

The bidding process was completed on the website and exceeded the minimum asking price of $1.5 million attached to the 500,000 square foot property.

The mall will remain in escrow until the sale is finalized and then the new owner will be announced.

Sears is the only anchor store left at the mall and was not included in the sale because it owns its space.

Cathy Essinger reads her poem, "For My Cat Boo."

An Ohio man accused of trying to send money to an al-Qaida leader will be allowed to leave jail once his family posts bond.
A U.S. magistrate set bond at $500,000 for Sultane Roome Salim over the objections of federal prosecutors.
The Columbus man is one of four people with Ohio ties charged with working together to send money to a known al Qaida leader before he was killed in a drone strike.
His lawyer has disputed the charges.

wright-patterson air force base gates
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Officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base say a man ignored guards' instructions to stop at a security gate, prompting evacuations, but that Ohio's largest military base has been determined safe.

Daryl Mayer, spokesman for the base near Dayton, says the man drove through the gate area around 9:40 a.m. Tuesday. A base statement says security personnel pursued the driver and located the vehicle parked outside a building. They then cordoned off the area around the vehicle and evacuated some nearby buildings.

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A new report from the University of Cincinnati estimates Ohioans will be spending 4.2% more this holiday season than last.


U.C. economist Michael Jones says there are several reasons why the shopping season forecast is expected to be $600 million more than last year.