Election 2012
5:57 pm
Mon February 20, 2012

Union Law Draws Contenders into Ohio primaries

On the heels of the 2011 fight over the limits of public employee unions, Democrats hope to regain seats in the Republican-dominated Legislature that passed the measure.

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9:00 am
Sat January 21, 2012

South Carolina Primary Results

Up to date results from the South Carolina Primary on January 21, 2011

4:28 pm
Tue January 3, 2012

Neuhardt Announces Candidacy For Ohio's 10th Congressional District

A Miami Valley Democrat who lost a congressional race in 2008 has announced she is running for Ohio’s new 10th congressional district. Sharen Neuhardt was the Democratic candidate against current congressman Steve Austria for the 7th district four years ago.

Since then, Ohio has gone through a redistricting process due to slow population growth. The new map was approved in December by lawmakers. It merges the 7th and the 3rd districts into what’s now the 10th congressional district. Neuhardt says she believes that the new map is an opportunity for Democrats.

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4:10 pm
Thu December 15, 2011

Lawmakers Merge Primararies To One And Change Congressional Map

On their last day of work this year, state lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a new map of Congressional districts and a new single date for the two statewide primaries that were scheduled next year. But as Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports, the map flap finally came to an end in marathon sessions of the House and Senate.

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4:15 pm
Wed December 14, 2011

Bill In Ohio House Proposes One Primary For May

State lawmakers wanting to re-establish a single 2012 primary for Ohio are trying to reach a deal on a date.

Action on a bill calling for one primary next year was temporarily delayed by an Ohio House panel on Wednesday so lawmakers could meet behind closed doors to continue discussing the timing.

Under the bill, separate primaries set for March and June would be reunited on May 22. Candidates including presidential contenders would have until March 8 to file. Those who met a deadline last week would not have to re-file.

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