Janeal Ravndal reads Carol Stoner's poem, "Sediment."

Julie Moore reads Maureen Fry's poem, "Night Music."

Cathy Essinger reads her poem," Cooking Soba in Ohio."

Janeal Ravndal reads Marian Schwilke Thomas' poem, "The Lord's Prayer Revisited."

Janeal Ravndal reads an excerpt of Jane Kretschman's poem, "That Story."

Conrad Balliet reads Ron Knipfer's poem, "The Spot By the Side of the Road."

Conrad Balliet reads Robert Paschell's "Rhyming Poem."

Steve Broidy reads Robert Brimm's poem, "End of the Day."

Lori Gravley reads Kathy Austin's poem, "Vacation."

Conrad Balliet reads Gary Pacernick's poems, "Story From the Chemo Room" and "Track 7."