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Next week is round two of Dayton History and Carillon Park’s very successful Dayton Mini Maker Faire. Last year’s inaugural event drew more than 2,500 people.  The event is a two-day celebration of people who - you guessed it, know how to make stuff. Some 90 exhibitors will feature live demonstrations and hands-on learning activities in robotics, rocketry, 3D printing, and more.

To talk hear about this, WYSO's Jerry Kenney spoke with Josh Cory of Make It Dayton - the group behind the event, and Alex Heckman, director of operations at Dayton History.

Officials say rides shut down at the Ohio State Fair after a fatal ride accident are open after being re-inspected.

Fair officials made the announcement Sunday morning. Some rides, mostly in the fair's Kiddie Land, had previously reopened.

All rides were shut down last Wednesday night after a swinging and spinning ride called the Fire Ball broke apart, killing 18-year-old high school student Tyler Jarrell and injuring seven others, several critically.

Welcome to your weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend! Coming up in this week's program, we’ll explore the art and psychology behind tattooing, on Culture Couch. You’ll hear all about the 2nd annual Makers Faire taking place at Carillon Park next weekend.  We’ve also got commentary from Bob Brecha, and Bill Felker has this week's Poor WIll’s Almanack. See full details below.

Stats + Stories: Describing And Measuring An $18 Trillion Economy

Jul 29, 2017

 WYSO is partnering with Stats and Stories, a podcast produced at Miami University.

In news stories about the health of the American economy or sometimes on Sunday morning talk shows, you might hear experts talking about the GDP or Gross Domestic Product. The GDP is a measure of the value of all goods and services produced during a particular time period and as you might imagine it's quite the undertaking to keep track of all that information. The organization that does that among other things is the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

One person was killed and seven others injured, including three critically, Wednesday evening when they were ejected from a ride at the Ohio State Fair.

Video posted online appears to show part of the Fire Ball ride detaching before people drop out of their seats to the ground. Their names have not been released.

Michael Vartorella, who is in charge of inspectors for the state Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for safety checks, said the Fire Ball and all the rides had been inspected several times before being certified to operate.

Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

Both of Ohio’s U.S. senators expressed surprise at President Trump’s announcement today that he will bar transgender people from serving in the military. 

Trump made his surprise declaration in a series of Twitter posts, saying the military can’t afford what he claimed are the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” that comes with transgender people.

Democrat Sherrod Brown called that ungrounded.

Local police departments are taking steps toward equipping officers with body cameras.
User: Scott Davidson / Flickr/Creative Commons

An Ohio sheriff says a suspect in a drug deal struck a police officer with his car while fleeing and was shot multiple times by two officers before crashing his car and later dying at a hospital.

Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer says undercover law enforcement officers witnessed a drug deal Wednesday morning in the Dayton suburb of Harrison Township. He says officers approached the vehicles where the transaction happened, and the suspected dealer fled, striking a Trotwood police officer with his car.

Parts of the Miami Powder Company still exist along the along the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail between Yellow Springs and Xenia
Renee Wilde / WYSO

In our latest installment of WYSO Curious, we answer a question from listener Holly Kozee of Springfield, who wanted to know what the story was behind the abandoned buildings along the bike path in Goes Station.

 Community voices reporter Renee Wilde went in search of the answers and she found an explosive history behind the buildings, and the town.


Michaela Feeser
Basim Blunt / WYSO

In this installment from our series Just Ask: Talking About Disability, we explore the topic of caregiving. Many people with disabilities in the Miami Valley rely on aides, who help with day-to-day tasks. 

Here, WYSO producer April Laissle introduces us to 24-year-old Michaela Feeser from Dayton, who has cerebral palsy. She explains what it feels like to clash with an aide you depend on everyday. 

Highlights from this interview include:  

Nether Wolf Nor Dog is a film adaptation of Kent Nerburn's acclaimed novel. Directed and produced by Steven Lewis Simpson, director of Rez Bomb, A Thunder-Being Nation and numerous other films.
Roaring Fire Films

On July 24th, the independent film Neither Wolf nor Dog opened at the Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs. The film is based on the award-winning novel by Kent Nerburn and features a remarkable performance by Elder Dave Bald Eagle, who was 95 years-old at the time of filming.

To talk about the film and its impact, WYSO's Jerry Kenney spoke with the filmmaker, Steven Lewis Simpson by phone from his home in Scotland.