State officials have enacted new regulations to curb what they say is overprescribing of opioid painkiller medications to patients who may not really need them

The Department of Justice has allocated nearly $3 million to Ohio's southern federal court district to supplement drug court programs as part of a national initiative to curb opioid abuse.

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Officials at the Dayton VA Medical Center are launching a new effort to prevent veteran suicides.

 VA officials signed a pledge Thursday committing to a plan to help reduce suicides. Officials will organize a "buddy system" to identify at-risk veterans using predictive modeling while expanding suicide prevention training. The new initiative also includes partnerships with community organizations.

Some existing DACA recipients face an October deadline to renew their documentation. Justice Department officials have said they will not extend the deadline past Oct. 5, 2017.
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Young immigrants in the United States under a program that temporarily suspends deportation have one more week to renew their documents.

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Since 1996, more than 160 influential people with ties to the Miami Valley have been inducted into the Dayton Region's Walk of Fame. Thursday at Sinclair Community College, seven more people were honored with a spot on the walk.

This year's honorees included actress and Oakwood native Allison Janney. The popular West Wing and ‘Mom’ sitcom star says her inclusion on the walk felt a little overwhelming.

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Franklin Township officials are moving forward with plans to relocate a 90-year-old confederate monument. The monument was taken from its original location in August, after a protest group called for its removal.

At a meeting Wednesday, Franklin Township officials confirmed the monument will be erected once again, although the exact location has yet to be determined. Township trustees said they’re exploring options along Dixie Highway, as the monument was originally dedicated to the roadway.

State officials have enacted new regulations to curb what they say is overprescribing of opioid painkiller medications to patients who may not really need them

Ohio’s opioid crisis continues to escalate. In an effort to curb the epidemic, the state is launching a new program designed to help spot criminal activity and prescription drug abuse.


Since 2006, Ohio has been collecting information on all prescriptions for controlled substances, including those prescribed by doctors and those dispensed by pharmacies. The data is tracked in the so-called Automated Rx Reporting System, also known as OARRS.

Central State is one of two historically black universities in Greene County.
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Central State University has applied to become a medical marijuana testing facility. The Wilberforce area university and Hocking College in Nelsonville were the only Ohio universities to apply for testing permits by the state’s deadline. If granted the license, Central State would be responsible for testing medical marijuana for safety before it’s sent out for wider distribution in Ohio.

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Embarking on the journey of parenthood later in life has had its challenges among the rewards. One challenge has been socializing my young son. He doesn't have siblings and most of my friends have older or no kids. Enter the world of play dating. I sat down with mom of two Mary Anne Kirk and caregiver Amanda Englert to discuss this once unknown, but now pervasively familiar, subject.

Mary Anne explains, ”Somewhat like a date, you arrange a time, you arrange a place, you show up with the kids, and they play.”

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a social service agency for adults and families in the Miami Valley who are "on the brink of becoming homeless or who are already homeless." Every year they serve more than 100,000 people, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each year, through their Mission Gala, the organization raises the lion-share of funding they need to operate annually. This year's event "Unmasking Poverty" will reveal preconceived notions of poverty - the faces of the families in need in our community.

This year's event takes place Saturday Oct. 7, 2017.

CareSource is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio medicaid affordable care act
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Officials with Dayton-based health insurance company CareSource are speaking out against a proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act. The company’s president has added her name to a letter opposing the Republican-backed bill known as Graham-Cassidy.