Montogomery County

County officials in southwest Ohio have filed a class action lawsuit against two mortgage giants they say owe millions in unpaid taxes.

Montgomery County officials filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday that says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac wrongfully claimed various exemptions to avoid paying transfer taxes to state counties.

Results for Montgomery County races:

Brookville School Board (Elect 3)
Scott Rutherford 30% (1,943 votes)
John E. Gordon 26% (1,680 votes)
Richard M. Phillips 25% (1,632 votes)
Richard Allen Sommer 19% (1,232 votes)

Butler Twp. Fiscal Officer
Mark R. Adams 51% (1,719 votes)
John Woods 49% (1,639 votes)

Butler Twp. Trustee
Doug Orange 55% (1,884 votes)
George A. Moorman 45% (1,570 votes)