Marilyn Welker

Crowd Opposes EPA Proposed Landfill Clean-up Plan

Aug 28, 2015
Wayne Baker / WYSO

More than 650 people attended a public forum held by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Thursday night at Northwestern High School in Clark County. The forum allowed residents to voice concerns over the EPA's refusal to stick with its original cleanup plan for the Tremont City Landfill.

Wayne Baker / WYSO

Residents and local officials in the village of Tremont City are challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio EPA over the cleanup of a landfill.  Clark County residents are voicing their opposition on a plan developed by the U.S. EPA to clean up nearly 300,000 gallons of industrial waste that has been buried at the Tremont City landfill Superfund site since the late 1970s.

Wayne Baker / WYSO

The US Environmental Protection Agency hired a third party to conduct a public forum Wednesday night in Springfield to discuss the agency's plan to clean up the Tremont City Landfill. 

Several residents showed up to voice their displeasure concerning the EPA's decision to rebury some of the waste and empty drums at the site instead of removing it all.

"Why'd they hire you, why don't they get the thing cleaned up? That's what we want," a forum participant said during the open session.