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 A referendum on the ballot this November could make Ohio the fifth state to legalize recreational and medical marijuana, following Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska.

ResponsibleOhio this week kicked off an RV tour of the state to promote its marijuana legalization initiative.
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The Ohio Chamber of Commerce says it's strongly opposed to a marijuana legalization plan on the November ballot and will join a coalition seeking to get voters to defeat it.

The chamber's president and CEO, Andy Doehrel, told reporters Wednesday that the pot proposal known as Issue 3 would cause uncertainty for businesses who drug test employees. He said members also were concerned about the effects it could have on workplace safety and employee productivity.

ResponsibleOhio this week kicked off an RV tour of the state to promote its marijuana legalization initiative.
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Attorneys for ResponsibleOhio, the group backing the constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana on the ballot this fall, say they’re taking the state to court.

On Tuesday the Ballot Board set the wording for Issue 3, the proposed amendment that establishes ten growing sites and would set regulations for pot sale and use in Ohio.  And Don McTigue, attorney for ResponsibleOhio, doesn’t like the ballot language.


Now that a marijuana legalization issue is set to appear on the fall ballot, groups that oppose the measure are wasting no time in starting their campaigns against it.

The official campaign against the ResponsibleOhio issue launches Monday, with groups opposed to the issue sharing their concerns about the 10 official growing sites owned by investors that are part of the constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana in Ohio.

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The constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana in Ohio will appear on the ballot for this fall, after organizers made up for an earlier shortfall in signatures.

A coalition of Dayton-area businesses and law enforcement, calling itself Dayton Regional Employers Against Marijuana or DREAM, has come out against it.

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce surveyed its members and found that almost 70 percent are against the proposed constitutional amendment.


Ohio's elections chief says a marijuana legalization campaign has failed to meet its initial signature target.

Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Monday that about 276,000 of signatures submitted by the group ResponsibleOhio were valid. At least 305,591 were needed to make the November ballot. The group has 10 days to collect more signatures.

Panel To Vote On New Pot-Related Ballot Issue

Jul 15, 2015

(AP) — A proposal to establish a process for purging old pot-related convictions made obsolete by marijuana legalization is headed to the Ohio Ballot Board. The panel meets Wednesday.

ResponsibleOhio is the group working to get a marijuana legalization issue on this fall's ballot. It considers its "Fresh Start Act" the next step in its efforts. They aim to place the measure on the 2016 ballot, a year after the legalization question.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The group working to get a marijuana legalization issue on Ohio's fall ballot has passed the next step in a separate effort to have some related crimes expunged.

ResponsibleOhio says its "Fresh Start Act" calls for reviewing and expunging criminal records for people with previous marijuana convictions if their actions would no longer be considered illegal under the legalization amendment.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine cleared the petition language Monday, a move that sends the effort to the state Ballot Board for further review.

Lawmakers scrapped Gov. Kasich's proposal that would have given schools less money.
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The state’s election chief is warning Ohio voters there may be confusion ahead in November, though no issues have officially made the fall ballot yet.


The ResponsibleOhio marijuana legalization amendment could be on the ballot at the same time as a measure that would prohibit businesses from creating amendments that give them economic benefits - just like the amendment from ResponsibleOhio does. Secretary of State Jon Husted says if what’s being called “the anti-monopoly” amendment gets more votes, it will negate the marijuana initiative.

State Auditor Dave Yost announced results of a charter school attendance audit Thursday.

The proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize and regulate marijuana in Ohio has one state official calling for an overhaul of the process.

Auditor David Yost says he thinks it’s too easy for private economic interests to get constitutional amendments onto the state ballot. 

“The whole initiative process was designed to protect the many against the powerful few,” said Yost. “What’s happening now is that the powerful few are using that very safeguard to get their own way and make themselves rich at the expense of the many.”