Judy Johnson

Arts & Culture
7:59 pm
Sat May 7, 2011

Conrad's Corner: May 7, 2011

In honor of Mothers' Day, Conrad Balliet reads three poems by Judy Johnson about her mom.

Arts & Culture
9:35 am
Sun February 13, 2011

Conrad's Corner: An Interview with Judy Johnson

For local poet Judy Johnson, poetry is about using language differently, more beautifully than in everyday speech.  Johnson speaks with WYSO's Conrad Balliet about the use of language in poetry and imagination and shares a few poems.

Arts & Culture
7:59 pm
Fri October 15, 2010

Conrad's Corner: October 15, 2010

Julie Moore reads Judy Johnson's poem, "Saturday Night Pizza."

Arts & Culture
6:59 pm
Thu January 21, 2010

Conrad's Corner: January 21, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads a poem about a deer by Judy Johnson.

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