Tea party activists want to show their unhappiness over extra IRS scrutiny with protest rallies.

Members of the Cincinnati tea party will gather at noon today in the city, then march to the nearby federal building. The building houses Internal Revenue Service offices that handled group applications for tax-exempt status. IRS officials have acknowledged that some conservative groups received inappropriate attention and questioning.

Other tea party groups also want activists in other cities to protest Tuesday at their local IRS offices.

Tea Party Upset GOP Is Capitalizing on IRS Flap

May 16, 2013

Reaction to the IRS targeting several conservative groups is dividing some Ohio conservatives.

Tom Zawitowski is a Tea Party activist in Portgage County and was among those wrongly investigated by the IRS. The Ohio Republican Party this week sent out a email asking supporters to donate money to help fight the IRS. Speaking on All Sides with Ann Fisher today, Zawitowski called the email, “an example of how unconnected the Ohio Republican Party is with their base.”