5:45 pm
Fri July 27, 2012

PoliticsOhio: Politicians Shy Away From Gun Control Policy

In the wake of the shootings in Colorado, neither President Obama nor his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, have said very little in regards to the state of gun control in the country. Emily McCord speaks to Joe Frolik with Cleveland Plain Dealer in the week's installment of PoliticsOhio. He says both men have supported different forms of gun control in the past, but during an election year, it's not likely they'll continue that discussion anytime soon.

Statewide News, Health
7:24 am
Thu August 11, 2011

Ohio to Consider Arming Medical Investigators

Ken "kcdsTM" Flickr

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Medical investigators could soon carry weapons as the Ohio State Medical Board considers arming some of its workers.

The board will vote on Thursday whether to allow the employees to be armed during their investigations.

Executive Director Richard Whitehouse says investigators often find themselves in threatening situations, and in the past have had to talk their way out. He says the weapons would be a precaution of last resort.

2:40 pm
Wed March 3, 2010

Cordray Speaks of Ohio and 2nd Amendment

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today that center on states rights to limit gun ownership.  Today the Court is looking at a case challenging a ban on handguns in Chicago.  The outcome there will affect other states, and Ohio is no exception.  They've already weighed in on the fight.

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