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Miami Valley StoryCorps: Alyce Jenkins & Dorothy Scott

Jan 26, 2011
Alyce Jenkins and Dorothy Scott

"You see a strong person who has always been independent become a child. It was very, very hard for her, and for me. "

Alyce Earl-Jenkins grew up in segregated Alabama and battled cancer early in life, but Alyce's toughest challenge came when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Alyce came to the StoryCorps booth with long time friend and fellow Yellow Springs resident Dorothy Scott to discuss how the community intervened to help Alyce care for her ailing mother.

Carol Roberts and Jennifer Muhlencamp

“My grandmother had a clock that chimed the hours and it kept me awake, and then I could hear them talking and it was like duh duh duh duh now you know the truth.”

This time of year airports and bus stations are packed with holiday travelers. And there's one Christmas visit Carol Roberts of Englewood will never forget. Carol came to StoryCorps with her daughter, Jennifer Muhlencamp. Carol remembers spending the holidays in Jersey City, New Jersey in the 1950's.

Jon, Yvonne, & Kenneth Castonguay

Nov 24, 2010

“I’m very thankful for all the things that I have now, due to the fact there were a lot of things we didn’t have during the depression. Very much so... very thankful for everything we have.”

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Ruby Nicholson & Jane Scott

Sep 22, 2010
Ruby Nicholson and Jane Scott

"To my way of thinking, that leaf, and people, and animals all deteriorate and become dust to keep creation a'goin' and I think creation is happening all the time."