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Conrad Balliet reads Mary Jo White's poem, "Solstice."


WYSO has been a home to local musicians and live music for most of its fifty plus years. In 1971 Tom Duffee came to the radio station with his brothers Dan and Jim and started a program that's still part of our line-up called Rise When the Rooster Crows.

A few years later, The Corndrinkers was born – with Tom on banjo and vocals, Linda Scott and Barb Kuhn on fiddles, Doug Smith on guitar and Al Turbull on bass. Their music keeps an American tradition alive.

Conrad Balliet reads Terry Hermsen's poem, "Another Fourth."

Conrad Balliet reads Maxine Skuba's poem, "Ripening Fruit."

Andy Snow

Niki Dakota interviews Sharon Leahy and Rick Good of Rhythm in Shoes on Excursions. Rhythm in Shoes will be performing their final show at this weekend's CityFolk Festival in downtown Dayton.

Conrad Balliet reads Deborah Stokes' poem, "And I Have."

Photo by Elizabeth Fladung

LaVette is renowned for her eclectic musical style, combining elements of rock, funk, R&B, country, gospel, soul, and blues.

In her interview, LaVette reminisces over her early beginnings in 1965 and her experiences with famous artists such as Otis Redding and James Brown humorously admitting, "Well, he wasn't that big then."

After listening to the original recording of her chart single "Let Me Down Easy" on Excursions, she states, "I almost cried."

Conrad Balliet reads Myrna Stone's poem, "Less and More."

Conrad Balliet reads Ron Knipfer's poem, "The Ancient Soldier."

Conrad Balliet reads Gary Pacernick's poem, "Letter for Dan Rowe."