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Conrad Balliet reads Stella Ling's poem, "When You Died Father."

Conrad Balliet reads a poem about a deer by Judy Johnson.

Conrad Balliet reads Maureen Fry's poem, "To the Person Who Destroyed My Yard Sign."

The Dayton Dirt Collective, a non-profit performance space, announced on Monday that it was closing after 2 years.

Conrad Balliet reads Steve Broidy's poem, "For the New Year."

Conrad Balliet reads two of Robert Brimm's poems about snow.

Ed Davis is a Yellow Springs poet who teaches at Sinclair Community College.  Here he sits down with WYSO's Conrad Balliet to discuss some of the themes found in his work including the healing arts and shares some of those poems.

It was all music and laughs on Dear Green Place this week. Dear Green Place was so pleased to have Bob Ford and the Ragamuffins live in the WYSO studios. The tunes kept coming and between Bob Ford, Beth Ford and Jan Finkle there were plenty of laughs. 

Conrad Balliet reads David Garrison's poem, "Folding Tables and Five Card Stud - for Judd."

Conrad Balliet reads Marietta Ball's poem, "The Sun Subordinate."