Zombie High School Episode 4: Nutricatering Systems LLC

Jun 3, 2016

Zombie High School is a serial radio drama produced by Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse in partnership with WYSO which chronicles a ragtag group of teenagers who are thrown together by fate when their town (the world?) is overtaken by a fast-moving zombie apocalypse while they are in after-school detention.

  • Written by Sam Butler and Jeremiah Scott and directed by Corrie Van Ausdal.  
  • Featuring: Sam Butler, Grant Crawford, Meredith Rowe, Shekinah Williams, Duard Headley and Zack Brintlinger-Conn.
  • Guest-starring: Lorrie Sparrow-Knapp as Mrs. Mead and Dr. Minnita Daniel-Cox as Pam Adler-Hollis.
  • Foley created by Matt Minde, Sela Griffin, Emily Seibel and Tom Amrhein.
  • Our producer is Tom Amrhein; original music and scoring by Tatiana Benally.  
  • Our writing team includes Luke Dennis and Corrie Van Ausdal.
  • Our announcer is Annabel Welsh.
  • Additional production help from Juliet Fromholt.

Support for this episode of Zombie High School comes from Ohio Arts Council.

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