WYSO Weekend: May 14, 2017

May 15, 2017

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, our weekly radio news magazine. Check out the full program details below:

  • Throughout this season of Rediscovered Radio, we’ve heard voices from the 1960s and 70s, from the peace movement, Black Power and Native rights activists. The early days of the Women’s Movement is well-represented in our collection too. Community Voices producer Jocelyn Robinson gives us a sampling of the women’s voices that can be heard.
  • This week on Dayton Youth Radio we have a story from Stivers School for the Arts student Emma Johnson, who's learning about feminism and activism from her grandmother.
  • Rev. Aaron Saari is the founding director of the Beloved Community Project of Yellow Springs. In this interview with WYSO, he talks about the project's mission and gives the details on the upcoming event called #viablenonviolence.
  • Police departments around the country are exploring ways to improve their relationship with their local community. Commentator Rebecca Rine decided to see what she could do as a citizen to learn more about her local police.
  • A lot of today’s program has focused on how people have or are currently handling differences in opinion, policy and social issues but there’s one event coming up in Dayton next week that serves as a celebration of our differences while highlighting our commonality as human beings - a love of music and dance, and of course, food and beverages of all kinds. It’s A World A Fair at the Dayton Convention Center.