WYSO Weekend: August 27, 2017

Aug 28, 2017

Welcome to your weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend. Coming up on today’s program, you’ll hear some music from one of our upcoming guests at the WYSO Community Concert taking place on September 10th at Riverscape Metro Park. Later in the program, Bill Felker has this week’s Poor Will’s Almanack. See full details and check out the program below.



This summer, WYSO has brought you stories of Ohioans living with disabilities. Today, in our final installment of that series we’ll meet Heather Reese. 40-year-old Heather has Down syndrome, a heart defect called MR, and a visual impairment. In this story, Heather takes us on a tour of United Rehabilitation Services in Dayton, where she works. And, we meet Heather’s mom, Sue Reese, who also works at URS.



Relatives of a renowned 19th century artist are calling for one of his most famous statues to be taken down. The Confederate monument has stood in Arlington National Cemetery for more than 100 years ... But after the racially charged, deadly violence in Charlottesville earlier this month, family members from around the world – including one in Yellow Springs – want it removed from Arlington for good. The family's request adds more fuel to the already heated debate over what to do with the country’s Confederate monuments. WYSOs Jess Mador has reports.


And just last year, Ohio replaced one of the two statues representing the state in Congress’ Statuary Hall because of its subject’s views on slavery. The statue of Gov. William Allen, who served from 1874 to 1876, was replaced with one of Thomas Edison. But what happened to the Allen statue? That question is especially relevant now that monuments to historical people whose views are now considered controversial have been the focus of debate and even vandalism. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles adds to the story.


State lawmakers are gearing up for another round in the fight over renewable energy mandates. While opponents say they’re a financial burden, supporters say they help cut down on air pollution, which then improves respiratory health. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow visited a part of Ohio where the risk for experiencing breathing problems is one of the highest in the country.



Get your fill of music at this year’s WYSO Community Concert. It’s coming up September 10th at Riverscape Metropark. This year the event features music from The Claudettes, Zane and The Sway, and The All Mighty Get Down! Let’s wrap up today’s WYSO Weekend with a tune from them called She’s a Witch. We’ll preview some more music next week and WYSO Music Director will be hear to fill us in on all the details, which you can also check out at WYSO.org.


To wrap up the program, our very own Bill Felker brings us Poor Will's Almanack.