Wright State To Offer Graduate Scholarships To Wright-Patt Workers

Jun 11, 2014

Wright State University has set aside a new graduate scholarship fund for employees of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The fund will give up to $7,500 dollars a year to civilian or military personnel to help cover tuition; family members will also be eligible.

Robert Fyffe, the dean of the Graduate School, says the scholarships will cover a variety of fields including business and health.

“It goes beyond just the traditional engineering topics that we typically think of as being critical to what the Air Force is doing,” he says.  

Wright State already partners with the base in a few ways—the idea, says Fyffe, was to expand on that partnership by helping Wright-Patt workers to get grad degrees. The fund comes out of scholarship money already in the graduate school budget and could support 100 scholarships per year.

Lewis Wallace is WYSO's economics reporter and substitute morning host. Follow him @lewispants.