Workforce Woes: WYSO's Lewis Wallace Talks To Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman

Nov 21, 2013

This week at WYSO we’ve been talking about the future of manufacturing. A lot of area manufacturers say the business is growing, but they need better-trained young people to carry the torch. They aren’t the only employers struggling to fill job openings, despite high unemployment in the region. So why are so many young people falling through the cracks?

Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman is part of the county’s efforts to get young people into apprenticeship and training programs. She says youth need support and concrete job experience, but they also need to learn more basic skills, like timeliness, and how to pass drug tests. And she points out a recent release finding there are 18,000 jobs openings in Montgomery County, just waiting to be filled. She says ultimately, creating a "talent pipeline" to move young people from education to jobs is the responsibility of the whole community.

“Under Construction" is WYSO’s series on growth in the greater Dayton area. We dig underneath the physical and economic markers of growth to look at the human consequences. Check back Thursdays for new installments.