University of Dayton to Keep Contraceptive Care Coverage

Feb 16, 2012

The University of Dayton's says it will continue to offer employee health insurance that covers contraceptive care and isn't changing the plan because of the fight over a new federal policy on birth control.

UD's insurance plan covers birth control pills and other contraceptive measures but not abortion or abortion-inducing drugs.  Spokeswoman Teri Rizvi tells the Dayton Daily News the coverage at the Marianist school has been in place for two decades and that it chose its plans with workers' health in mind.

It's been a hot topic since President Barack Obama ordered religious-affiliated employers to provide free birth control coverage to their employees. Facing intense opposition, he declared that such coverage would be provided by insurance companies instead – a move that is still considered by many to be an over-reach of the federal government.

Information from: Dayton Daily News,