Turner: National Aviation Hall of Fame Investigation To Continue

Feb 13, 2017

Republican Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio’s 10th District says his investigation into operations at the National Aviation Hall of Fame will continue. Turner on Monday announced his intentions in a letter sent to NAHF board of trustees chairman Bill Harris.


Credit WYSO

Turner has formed a so-called Blue Ribbon Panel of executives to quote, “create a sustainable plan for the NAHF’s future.”


The panel includes Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Phil Parker, Jeff Hoagland, president and CEO of the Dayton Development Coalition and Brady Kress, President and CEO of Dayton History.


In a letter to Congressman Turner, the Hall of Fame’s Harris said that if initial complaints about NAHF operations had been addressed to him directly the organization quote, “would have immediately addressed them and made sure that questions were answered, especially with regard to finances.”


Harris went on to say the Hall of Fame will fully cooperate with the investigation.


Turner’s investigation began in January after the congressman said his office had received several complaints about the Hall of Fame. The complaints included the alleged sale of artifacts to raise funds.


Turner then sent Harris a cease-and-desist letter asking him to halt the sale or disposal of any artifacts in the

NAHF’s possession.