Tip: Don't Tackle A 200-Pound Hive Of Killer Bees Yourself

Sep 15, 2011
Originally published on September 15, 2011 12:51 pm

We love local TV news.

Especially stories such as this exclusive from KOLD in Tucson, Ariz:

"Killer Bees Attack, Kill Farm Animals In Bisbee."

Stick with it to the end (or fast forward to about the 2-minute mark) and the part where reporter Sonu Wasu says that if you find a 200-pound hive containing an estimated 250,000 killer bees "do not try to eradicate these bees yourself, it is a very dangerous job that should be left up to professionals."

That's news you can use.

(In the Arizona case, a professional was called. But a couple pigs did end up dying.)

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