Snake Man Bill Haast Has Died

Originally published on June 19, 2011 9:47 am
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WEEKEND EDITION profiled him back in 1999.

M: See how close you can get to it? Now he's on the alert. You want me to hold that down there?

LYDEN: He told us that he had built up an immunity to the snake bites by injecting himself with a mix of cobra venom. He said he wasn't sure if that venom cocktail contributed to his good health and vitality.

HAAST: I have no proof, but I'm active from morning 'til night, seven days a week. So when I'm 100, if I'm doing just what I'm doing now, then I'll say, yes, it's the venom.

LYDEN: It must have been. Bill Haast died of natural causes at the age of 100.


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