Portman Objects to the President's Auto Industry Comments

Oct 25, 2012

Ohio's Republican senator says President Barack Obama is distorting Republican Mitt Romney's position on the auto industry bailout, a key issue in the pivotal state.

Sen. Rob Portman says President Obama’s comments have been "reckless and irresponsible."  Portman particularly objected to the president’s speech in Dayton , on Tuesday in which he said there might not still be an American auto industry if Romney had been president.

Senator Portman told Romney volunteers Wednesday at the Beavercreek Victory Center that the president isn’t telling the truth with comments likes those.

While Governor Romney supported a managed bankruptcy, Portman said the president chose "a political bankruptcy" with the government making decisions.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have repeatedly highlighted the auto industry bailout while campaigning in Ohio.

In fact, the President will campaign again in Cleveland today, and this weekend GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will swing through eight Ohio cities, including Dayton, and Yellow Springs on Saturday.