Ohio Supreme Court Dismisses Case Over Consitutionality Of JobsOhio

Aug 19, 2011

The state’s highest court says ProgressOhio, the liberal policy group that sued over JobsOhio, needs to take the case to a lower court before it can be heard in the Ohio Supreme Court.  ProgressOhio’s Brian Rothenberg says his group is considering that option.  Rothenberg says one of the reasons he started his case at the Ohio Supreme Court is that the recently enacted JobsOhio law mandated that action.  The court’s ruling does not address the constitutionality of JobsOhio. 

Rothenberg says he would’ve liked the court to delay work on JobsOhio until the constitutionality of it had been decided.  Rothenberg accuses the justices of playing politics for waiting until a day after Governor Kasich delivered his proposal to lawmakers for shifting state responsibilities to the non profit private board.  Kasich created the board earlier this year as a way to create jobs in Ohio.