Ohio Attorney General Says He Will Prosecute Wrongdoing in Stuebenville Rape Case

Jan 7, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says his office is investigating the alleged rape of a teen girl in Steubenville. The case has made headlines in recent days after the video of the alleged rape surfaced on the internet. DeWine says two defendants are set to face rape charges in juvenile court.

" My commitment to the people of Jefferson County and the state," says DeWine.  "We will prosecute anyone who we think has committed a crime. Thus far that means two individuals who we believe are guilty of the crime of rape, and ultimately that is up to the court, we believe this case should be prosecuted and we are prosecuting it. Whether or not anyone else violated a criminal law remains to be seen. There is a different between being insensitive and doing immoral things and committing a crime. And what I am confined to by Ohio law is what is a crime and what is not a crime."

Local law enforcement officials have been criticized in recent days after questions emerged about whether they were properly prosecuting the alleged rapists.