More Communities Benefit From DP&L Grants, 'Right Tree, Right Place' Program

Mar 28, 2018

It is the time of year when homeowners think about landscaping and lawn maintenance. And some of them may plant new trees. Dayton Power & Light has a few things they’re asking residents to keep in mind when planting their trees.  Holly Wiggins is the director of community and corporate social responsibility and DP&L. In this excerpt from WYSO Weekend, we talked to her about the company’s Right Tree, Right Place program and this year’s recipients of the annual grant funding that DP&L provides area communities.  

DP&L trims trees along 2,100 miles of overhead distribution power lines per year on average. Every five years, they inspect 14,000 miles of distribution lines through in their service area. According to their website, four times a year they use a helicopter to view 19,000 miles of transmission lines from their power plants by the Ohio River to identify any threats to service in the Miami Valley.
Credit DP&L