Jon, Yvonne, & Kenneth Castonguay

Nov 24, 2010

“I’m very thankful for all the things that I have now, due to the fact there were a lot of things we didn’t have during the depression. Very much so... very thankful for everything we have.”

The holiday shopping season starts the day after Thanksgiving, but Friday, November 26th, is also the National Day of Listening. StoryCorps created it to encourage people to skip the long shopping lines in favor of long conversation with a loved one. WYSO Account Executive Jon Castonguay had one such conversation with his parents in the StoryCorps Mobile Booth last spring. Yvonne and Kenneth, who are both in their eighties, had plenty to reflect on, and a lot to be thankful for.

If you'd like to do an interview like this with your family in your home, visit National Day of Listening and download the free do-it-yourself kit.