Issue 3 Wins in Ohio

Nov 9, 2011

While Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected Issue two, the limits on collective bargaining, they overwhelmingly endorsed issue three, the health care constitutional amendment.

Backers of the health care constitutional amendment approved by Ohio voters say its passage shows Ohioans are fed up with mandates.  Jeff Longstreth says the way he sees it, this vote spells problems for Democrats in 2012.

Longstreth says, "I think we saw the first vote of 2012 right here in 2011. You know, what does this mean for Sherrod Brown who cast the deciding vote on healthcare. He cast the 60th vote. Now 65% of his electorate just said, "Wait a minute that's not the right thing to do, that's not what we wanted." I think that sets him up for a very difficult year next year. President Obama's  number one legislative accomplishment, a lot would say his only legislative accomplishment, just went down in flames in the number one swing state in the country."

Major newspapers editorialized against issue three. But that didn’t hold sway with voters.  Longstreth says the message from Democrats and those who opposed the measure didn’t resonate either.

Longstreth says, "The other side didn't have a message to use that worked so they tried to come up with scare tactics. It's all they really had. It didn't work, voters didn't buy it, they thought they were lying. Those scare tactics haven't come true in other states that have passed healthcare freedom amendments. 

Dale Butland with Innovation Ohio, a group that campaigned against issue three, says "I think that Mark Twain said it best, a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting it's shoes on."  He says this amendment was sold as a way to opt out of President Obama’s health care plan, but he says it really can have devastating consequences on Ohioans.

Butland says, " When those consequences are fully exposed, when the tax payers learn that they're on the hook for millions of dollars in unnecessary law suits and legal expenses, the Republican officials who endorse this amendment for purely political reasons will be unmasked. In time Ohioans will be forced to fix or repeal this amendment."

But Maurice Thompson, one of the backers of issue three says Ohioans won’t want to get rid of this amendment.  In fact, he says this is just the beginning.

Thompson says, "We're going to get together right after this victory and decide how we want to use this amendment. We're very keen on using it to stop the administration from implementing Obama care in Ohio."