Fresh Off Big Wins on Tuesday, Democrats Say the Campaign for Governor Started Tuesday Night

Ohioans are still recovering from the brutal, expensive political marathon that the 2012 campaign was. But Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler says it didn’t take long before some partisans to start talking about the next campaign.

On election night, staffers with the Ohio Democratic Party started distributing pre-printed signs that read: “Kasich – You’re Next”.

“John Kasich will not run unopposed for the next two years. We will challenge him every step of the way,” says Ohio Democratic Party chair Chris Redfern

Redfern says that because Republicans will likely raise as much as $50 million dollars for the 2014 governor’s race, the Democrats are starting their campaign "as soon as possible."  But Ohio State political science professor Paul Beck says it’s too soon.

“I can understand the desire to kind of capture this momentum, but I think most voters are tired of the focus of the past year on a very intense campaign,” says Beck.

There were rumblings that John Kasich would run for governor three years before the 2010 race.