Dayton-Area Unemployment Is Up From Fall 2012

Nov 26, 2013

Tracie Franklin talked to WYSO in September about how she's been trying to find work for months.
Credit Lewis Wallace / WYSO


Blame it on the government shutdown: we missed a month of job reports this fall. But during that time, frankly not much happened. Unemployment in the greater Dayton area ticked up from 7.3 percent in August to 7.5 percent in October, with the number of jobs hovering around the October total of 369,600.

What’s significant is that these numbers are up quite a bit from October 2012, when the unemployment rate was down to 6.8 percent. And since a year ago, more than 5,000 people have left the civilian labor force in the greater Dayton area, which means they are no longer counted in that unemployment figure. Overall, the changes in Ohio job numbers continue to reflect economic stagnancy.

The biggest losses around the state this fall were in government employment, but Ben Johnson with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services says you can’t blame that on the government shutdown.

“The largest change was not in federal government employment,” he said. “There were larger changes in state government employment and in local government employment.”

The loss of government jobs isn’t new: budget cuts have been hacking away at local government jobs for years now. For those who are looking, the latest Dayton-area survey of available jobs finds lots of listings for truck drivers, salespeople, and nurses.