Congressman Mike Turner Talks Re-election, the Economy, and the Presidential Race

Nov 7, 2012

In the race for Ohio's new 10th District, Congressman Mike Turner won over challenger Sharon Neuhardt by a wide margin of 60% to 36%. When I spoke to him late last night Turner says his reelection was driven by the voters concerns with the local economy, and national concerns. We also talked about the Presidential race. Here's part of the conversation:

Turner: "You know I think that this campaign has always been about economic development and jobs and stuff. Making sure that we take advantage of Wright Patt continuant success, but also reining in out of control spending in Washington. We have to protect the budget for national security but also make sure that we don't have trillion dollar deficits. That's going to be the bipartisan agenda that the split Congress and the administration are going to have to work on."

Jerry: "There was a lot of talk of change in both campaigns and it really looks like a lot is staying the same. Thoughts on that?" 

Turner: "I think people have faith that work will get done now that the election is over, that they'll tackle the tough issues. Everyone knows, the electorate has spoken. We can't continue trillion dollar deficits. We have to make this country strong and produce jobs and that will be our task."

That task is going to take some compromise, and Turner said some of that compromise will have to come from the president, who last night in his acceptance speech said he did hear from voters- even those who didn't vote for him.

Congressman Mike Turner defeated challenger Sharon Neuhardt in the race for Ohio's new 10th District. He told us last night that voters have faith that government can get things done, but the President is going to have to do better this term.

"No, I think that the President is going to have to come back to the table. He has yet to put forth a plan on reining in spending. We can not take this country from 16 trillion dollars in debt to 20 trillion dollars in debt. He's going to have to come forward with a plan. He's going to have compromise. He's going to have to come back to the grand bargain that he was working on with John Boehner. And hopefully we can move forward with trying to set this country on a sound, fiscal path," said Turner. 

The president does not have another election to face but Turner says that law makers in the Congress and Senate do have future elections they'll be accountable too, so he expects more compromise in the next four years.