Congressman Introduces Bill to Prohibit Misuse of IRS Funds

Jun 14, 2013

Republican Congressman Mike turner has introduced a bill that would prohibit the IRS from misusing funds.  the legislation comes after it was discovered that the IRS spent $50 million on over 200 conferences during the past two years.

At a hearing last week, Turner says he uncovered the practice of misusing funds when IRS officials were questioned about an expensive conference that recently made headlines when videos surfaced of IRS employees lines dancing and engaging in video parodies.

An Internal Revenue Service official involved in that 2010 conference defended the action saying no rules were broken and no fraud occurred but acknowledged that the lavish spending never should have happened.

Turner says the Stop IRS Act will end government slush funds and reduce federal deficit.  The bill would prohibit the IRS from transferring taxpayer money from other sources for their own funding.  It adds that unused funds by the IRS would b given back to the Treasury Department within 90 days for the sole purpose of deficit reduction.