Clark County Officials Urge Residents to Adopt New Water System

Jun 24, 2011

Clark County officials have notified 17 residents in the Lawrenceville area that they have until August 23rd to switch to the county's water system or rick having their water supply cut off. 

Last June, the county installed a water system in the Lawrenceville area.  It cost about $767,000.  But 17 residents have not connected to the new system yet, according to Clark County Utility Director Alice Godsey.  She says the old water system will be shut down in August and unless residents want to dig a well, they need to be connected to the new system. 

The cost of connecting to the County's new water system is between $500 and $1,000, but the County Utility Office says financial assistance is available.  Residents are encouraged to contact the Utility Office to discuss getting connected to the new water system.

Alice Godsey says the new system provides water that tastes and smells better and is more reliable than the old system, which was undersized and outdated.