Cast of Recreation of The Last Waltz on 'Excursions'

Feb 19, 2013

In 1976 The Band, a hugely influential band of the 1960's and '70's gave a historic farewell concert which they named The Last Waltz. The many guest performers included Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton and the concert was filmed and turned into the documentary, The Last Waltz, by Martin Scorsese. This Sunday at Gilly's Niteclub in Dayton over 30 local artists will recreate this concert in a live extravaganza to benefit the Dayton Foodbank.

Last Monday Niki Dakota sat down with a few of those musicians and the organizer for the event, Jeff Opt, to chat about the upcoming show.  Along with a core house band that will represent The Band in the performance and an eight piece horn section, all the guests that performed in 1976 will be represented by a local Dayton artist. Excursions hosted some of these artists including Mike Pugh and Todd the Fox who talked about how they got involved in the event. Charlie Tipton and Steve Phelps were also there to play a sneak, acoustic, preview of what's to come on Sunday.

It is all happening this Sunday, February 24 at 7:30pm at Gilly's Niteclub in downtown Dayton. All proceeds will go to the Dayton Foodbank, a central food bank for the Miami Valley.

To learn more go to Gilly's webpage: http://www.gillysjazz.com/such-a-night-a-celebration-of-the-bands-last-waltz-live/ or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/138657549626919/permalink/143260669166607/