Book Nook: Versus the Demons, by Michael Wellman

Jun 24, 2013

Michael Wellman brings his distinctive literary voice to fiction for the first time in his novel Versus the Demons. This is the story of Shorty Irslund, a guy who loved playing baseball so much that he sacrificed a good part of his life toiling away in the minor leagues.

This is much more than a baseball story. Shorty is playing a kid's game and avoiding many responsibilities. He is having a hard time growing up. Wellman delivers a riveting tale and tosses readers a few curveballs along the way. In so doing he knocks this story clear outta the old ballpark.  Versus the Demons is a ripping good read. In this interview I also had the opportunity to talk to Wellman about our shared memories of growing up in Des Moines, Iowa.