Book Nook: The President Will See You Now, a memoir by Peggy Grande

Mar 29, 2017

After leaving the White House Ronald Reagan maintained an office in Los Angeles. It was a busy place; he met with dignitaries, celebrities, and ordinary Americans at his office. Peggy Grande was there, she became the former president's executive assistant, the person who managed his busy schedule. She got to know him quite well.

In this sentimental and fond memoir the author recalls how she met him, why she admired him, and what it was like to be in close proximity to him. While her recollections are mostly pleasant she doesn't avoid the big issue, Ronald Reagan's eventual descent into the grip of Alzheimer's. It was heartbreaking for her to see this glib and joyful conversationalist becoming locked into silence. She describes the first signs they observed that there might be something happening to his mind. This is an issue that will be faced by millions of Americans. The Reagans did an important thing by making their personal tragedy public as he bid farewell to the glittering world he had known so well.

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