Book Nook: One for the Books, Joe Queenan

Jan 11, 2013

Joe Queenan loves books. He spends at least four hours each day reading them. Queenan can't have a conversation without talking about books. The man is crazy about them. Good books, that is. And he'll tell you which ones are good and which ones are in his opinion, trash.

Queenan has distilled his reading affections and distastes into a pithy and punchy memoir. He has written this "One for the Books." He has strong opinions and isn't bashful about expressing them. He likes to ruffle
feathers and speaks his truth. If you don't appreciate his opinions that's too bad. He doesn't really care what you think. He couldn't care less, actually.

But he does care about books. A lot. This memoir ranges from sentimental to vicious, and is frequently hilarious. In this interview I told Queenan that his writing style reminds me of a dog that is avidly gnawing on a bone. Queenan seemed to appreciate the compliment. This was one of my favorite books from 2012.