Book Nook: Need You Dead, by Peter James

Jul 2, 2017

Peter James returned to the program to talk about his latest novel in his series that features his police detective Roy Grace. The previous dozen books in the series are fast paced thrillers and we usually knew who the killers were and spent most of our time wondering how Roy was going to apprehend them. In this latest book in his "Dead Series" Peter James has constructed his first absolute who-dunnit Roy Grace mystery. A woman has been found dead in the bathtub. We don't know who the murderer is in this one and the author tosses out lots of red herrings along the way to confuse us.

These books are always ripping good reads and thoroughly entertaining. As Roy tries to identify the perpetrator he's also dealing with an unsettled home life. Bruno, the German boy who was recently revealed to be the son of Roy's former wife, a woman who had mysteriously vanished, has now come to live with Roy and his new family. Suffice it to say that this Bruno lad seems to be a wee bit odd.

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