Book Nook: Kentucky Traveler - My Life in Music, by Ricky Skaggs with Eddie Dean

Sep 13, 2013

Ricky Skaggs has enjoyed a long career as one of the best mandolin players on the planet. He has been playing since he was a small boy. At an early age he met many of his musical idols; Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt, Ralph Stanley. He decided that it was finally time to tell his story. And what a story he has to tell in this memoir "Kentucky Traveler - My Life in Music."

In this interview he takes us back to some of his earliest memories; the day he woke up and found a miniature mandolin in his bed, what it was like to appear on TV for the very first time, the day he found all those old Stanley Brothers albums at a record store in Columbus.

Read his book and you'll discover that there have been a few potholes along the way, too. At one point he even stopped playing music. "Kentucky Traveler - My Life in Music" is frank, candid, and always thoroughly entertaining.