Book Nook: By the Iowa Sea, by Joe Blair

Apr 9, 2012

Joe Blair has written numerous books but he had never actually gotten one published-until now. In this interview Blair talks about all the writing he has been doing. He tries to write every day. He sits down in a coffee shop with a friend and they write for a set amount of time. When their time is up they read aloud what they have written.

Blair has written a number of unpublished novels. And he has written hundreds of essays. The author describes the circuitous process that has brought him to this point. He recently published "By the Iowa Sea," a memoir that takes readers to the shores of eastern Iowa as the heavy rains caused rivers to flood during the spring of 2008.

Many Iowans lost their homes in the flooding. Blair came close to losing his marriage during this period. Blair's rendering of his story is pithy, visceral, and thoroughly beguiling.