Book Nook: Dead Man's Grip, by Peter James

Dec 6, 2011

Peter James has sold over 10 million books. Yet he's relatively unknown in the U.S. Expect that to change. James is one superbly gifted crime novelist.

His latest, "Dead Man's Grip," is set in the author's hometown of Brighton, England. It is his seventh book in a series which features a homicide detective named Roy Grace.

As this one opens there has been a freak accident involving several vehicles and a young man on a bicycle. The youth is dead. His relations back in New Jersey are clearly upset. So upset that his mother uses her Mafia connections to contract with a hit man to torture and kill all the motorists who were involved in the accident.

Roy Grace is trying to stop the hit man from completing his work. In this interview James discusses how he devises his plots and does his research.  He also takes some entertaining detours into subjects like lavatory
chains, high heeled shoes, and his former career producing kitschy horror films.