Book Nook: Crossing the Street, by Molly D. Campbell

May 27, 2017

Writing a novel can be an arduous endeavor. "Crossing the Street" by Molly Campbell went through numerous rewrites before the author felt that she had gotten it right. This is the story of Beck Throckmorton. Beck works as a barista at Starbucks-this is merely a cover for her real occupation writing steamy erotica that she publishes.

One might think that someone who pens pulsating prose would have an active love life. In Beck's case you would be wrong. She hasn't really had a boyfriend since she broke up with the guy who then proceeded to marry Beck's sister. Now she has heard that their marriage is about to produce progeny. Oh dear, Beck wasn't happy to hear this. She never wanted children but that news really bugs her. She has issues.

She also has a dear friend, a neighbor who lives across the street. Beck's neighbor is getting on in years and she has just assumed a huge responsibility, caring for a young girl who has been left without anybody to look after her. This child is a family member and Beck steps in to help her friend deal with the situation.

That's how this humorous and heartfelt novel begins. Open the book and read it. You'll be entertained by Molly Campbell's wry wit and touched by the deep emotions that churn just beneath the surface of this story.

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