Book Nook: The Bosnia List - a Memoir of War, Exile, and Return, by Kenan Trebincevic

Apr 10, 2014

When Kenan Trebincevic was eleven years old he was living with his family in a city in northern Bosnia. Then war broke out in the former Yugoslavia.  The Trebincevic family's peaceful existence was shattered. They were Muslims. Their city was directly in the crossfire between warring factions of Serbs and Croats. The brutal ethnic cleansing of Bosnia had begun.

This young boy observed many terrible things. The family tried desperately to escape and they finally did, eventually relocating to the United States. Almost two decades later Kenan returned to Bosnia with his father and brother for a brief visit.

He had a list, his Bosnia list of this book's title. It was a list of questions that he wanted to ask and issues he needed to address while they were back in Bosnia. He was still angry and upset about the violent dislocation his family had undergone.

"The Bosnia List-a Memoir of War, Exile, and Return" describes their experiences during the war and what happened upon his return to the place where they had once lived contented lives. It is a potent story filled with pain, sorrow, confusion, and ultimately, some measure of healing.