Book Nook: After the Fall, by Victoria Roberts

Dec 12, 2012

If you have ever read the New Yorker magazine you have probably seen the distinctive cartoons of Victoria Roberts. Hundreds of her whimsical cartoons have appeared there over the last 25 years. Roberts recently put out a new book, "After the Fall." As you might expect it is also profusely illustrated.

Roberts spent many years deciding how to tell this story. Then it finally came to her. "After the Fall" is the story of an affluent family in New York City that has suddenly fallen upon hard times. The family becomes homeless and begins living outdoors in Central Park.

The author was perplexed by the challenge of telling a story about a homeless family in a way that avoids despair and still crackles with wit.  This is quite an accomplishment.

In this interview she explains how she was able to approach this story and finally complete it. And if you listen to this interview you will receive a very special bonus; a surprise appearance by a very special guest.