Beware of Unclaimed Funds Scam

Aug 3, 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce is telling Ohioans to beware of an unclaimed funds scam. David Goodman says scammers are sending emails to Ohioans to try to defraud them.

“An e-mail is going out to Ohioans that is attempting to tell them that they have 3 million dollars of basically unclaimed funds that they can try to obtain by providing very important personal information,” said Goodman. “Pure and simple, this e-mail is a scam and we will not have Ohioans using the good name of the Department of Unclaimed Funds in order to take money from Ohioans that belongs to them that they’ve worked hard for. This is wrong.”

Ohioans can find out if they have unclaimed funds and find out how to get them by going to the state's unclaimed funds website. Anyone who receives an email offering them access to unclaimed funds should contact the Ohio Department of Commerce.

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Unclaimed Funds website is: http://www.com.ohio.gov/unfd/TreasureHunt.aspx. If you don’t have internet access, you can write to the department at: Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Unclaimed Funds, 77 South High Street 20th floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215.