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Host, All Things Considered and Producer, WYSO Weekend

Jerry Kenney was introduced to WYSO by a friend and within a year of first tuning in became an avid listener and supporter. He began volunteering at the station in 1991 and began hosting Alpha Rhythms in February of 1992. Jerry joined the WYSO staff in 2007 as a host of All Things Considered and soon transitioned into hosting Morning Edition. In addition to now hosting All Things Considered, Jerry is the host and producer of WYSO Weekend, WYSO's weekly news and arts magazine. He has also produced several radio dramas for WYSO in collaboration with local theater companies. Jerry has won several Ohio AP awards as well as an award from PRINDI for his work with the WYSO news department. Jerry says that the best part of his job is being able to talk to people in the community and share their experiences with WYSO listeners.

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Patterson Homestead
Dayton History

Patterson Homestead was built in 1816 and to celebrate its 200 years, Dayton History is feverishly working to complete some new restorations to the historic building - all in time for an open-to-the-public birthday party on November 12th called Home and Harvest. Merry Masterson is the assistant director of education for Dayton History.  This week, we spoke with her and Director Alex Heckman who gave us a tour of the Homestead.


On today’s program we’ll take a tour of Patterson Homestead. The historical site will soon celebrate its 200th birthday.  We’ve got Dayton Youth Radio and WYSO’s occasional arts series Culture Couch and more. Check out the details below.


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Two seats on the Montgomery County Commission are up for grabs this election – with four candidates running for two open seats.

Vying for the first open seat on the Commission is Democratic incumbent candidate Judy Dodge. She’s been a commissioner since 2006. Before that, she spent six years as county recorder.

Her opponent is Republican candidate Bob Matthews. He has 40 years of experience in information technology and management. Matthews also serves as vice-president of the Miami Township Board of Trustees in Montgomery County.

The Republican incumbent in Ohio’s 42nd House District race is State Representative Niraj Antani. The young Republican is defending his seat against Democratic rival Patrick Merris.


First-term representative Antani has come out firmly against abortion and in favor of gun rights in his campaign. He says if he's reelected, he’ll continue his work to help local business.



Shane Balkowitsch

Several local groups are holding a supply drive for protestors decrying a proposed oil pipeline that would run through four states, including Native American land considered sacred. The ‘water protectors’ also believe the pipeline will put drinking water and surrounding lands at risk for pollution.

For months, protestors in North Dakota have been involved in a face-off with local police and federal officials over the matter.

Jerry Kenney

The empowerment of women and eliminating racism is the central mission of the YWCA of Dayton. But, if that’s the end-goal, their real story lies in the day-to-day details of what they actually do. In this interview with WYSO, CEO Shannon Isom tells us a little bit more about the organization’s daily efforts to serve thousands of people in the Dayton area. Our interview begins with some historical context on the YWCA.


In this week's program, we’ll be flying high in WYSO’s occasional art series, Culture Couch. WYSO’s Juliet Fromholt talks with Jonathan McNeal of the Neon Movies about a special event coming up next week - a live in-theater screening of the film Short Bus. And we’ll talk with Shannon Isom of the YWCA Dayton about their efforts to battle domestic violence. See full details below.


Trump Rallies Crowd in Springfield

Oct 27, 2016
Dan Gummel

Presidential candidate Donald Trump was in Springfield Thursday. He spoke before a crowd of about 5,000 at the Champions Center Expo.

In his speech, Trump called for a change of leadership in Washington, saying "this election is for the heart and soul of America.”

If elected, the candidate promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump told the crowd, "In Ohio, another 5 companies are dropping out of Obamacare.  Good luck in negotiations folks. That means that all the residents will be getting cancelation notices very soon."


Jerry Kenney

For almost thirty years the GM truck assembly plant in Moraine was woven into the fabric of the surrounding community – that is, until 2008, when it shut down, leaving 2400 workers without jobs.

The building sat empty for almost six years. Finally, things started to look up. First, several small companies moved in. Then, more good news. In early 2014, global Chinese glass manufacturing giant Fuyao announced plans to buy GM’s old plant – bringing hundreds of badly needed jobs back to the Miami Valley.

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, the home of WYSO produced news and features! On today’s program, we’ve got Dayton Youth Radio and WYSO’s occasional art series, Culture Couch. See full details below.