5:34 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

Candlelight Vigil Shows Solidarity With Ferguson

Protestors demonstrate in front of Beavercreek Police station
Wayne Baker

Organizers held a candlelight vigil at the Beavercreek Police Station Tuesday evening to protest Monday’s announcement that a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri will not indict Darren Wilson. Wilson is a white police officer who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in a confrontation in the St. Louis outskirt; Brown is African American.

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Dayton City Budget
3:49 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

City of Dayton Working On 2015 Budget

Dayton's officials are coming up against some unknowns in the budget process for next year.
Credit Derek Jensen

The City of Dayton is starting its budget process for next year. Officials will be dipping into savings again to balance the spending plan.


It will cost about $160 million to run Dayton in 2015. That money comes from a variety of sources: income taxes, property taxes and casino revenue. But this year the city will also use $2.5 million in reserves.

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3:15 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

October Unemployment Rates Down As Job Opportunities Trickle Back

The logo for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Credit WOSU

Ohio’s unemployment rate ticked down to just 5.3 percent in October, which is as low as it’s been for years, and the Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area (Dayton MSA, including Greene, Miami, Montgomery and Preble Counties) saw an even lower rate of 4.7 percent, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

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7:12 am
Tue November 25, 2014

State Lawmaker Says Toy Guns Look Too Real

A BB gun/pistol with a realistic look. This one is tagged with an orange tip to indicate it's not a real gun.
Credit Bryce Mullet / Flickr/Creative Commons

One state lawmaker says toy guns look too much like real guns. Democratic House Representative Alicia Reece is introducing a bill that she says would make BB guns, air rifles and airsoft guns sold in Ohio more easily distinguishable.

“It would look at color strip, would look at changing the color and at some point would look at changing the look of a gun," she said.

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6:45 am
Tue November 25, 2014

Poor Will's Almanack: November 25 - December 1, 2014

Credit Shawn Harquail / Flickr Creative Commons

Throughout North America, sunset reaches its earliest time of the year as the sun moves deeper into Sagittarius, and the waxing Sandhill Crane Migration Moon hurries migration time for the last of the birds.

The mornings are often silent now – no birdsong – no cricket song, and into that silence, into the basket of the whole year, gently, instinctively, I place all of the other signs and moons and suns, filling it way over the top with what and whom those phases have nurtured from the beginning.

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