Tapes from the WYSO Archives
Tapes from the WYSO Archives
Credit Steve Bognar

The WYSO Digital Audio Archives includes radio programs and other recordings made at this radio station since our first broadcast in 1958.  The collection includes a wide variety of topics, including a significant collection from the Civil Rights and Viet Nam War eras. The stories contained in this collection bring the past to life and allow us to reflect on our present times with a sense of perspective and context.

In 2009, we began to restore, catalog and digitize this collection when we were chosen to take part in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.  Eventually our collection will be available for online listening both locally and nationally.

In February 2014, with a major grant from the Ohio Humanities Council, WYSO began the radio/web series Rediscovered Radio, which showcases this important collection in a series of radio stories on WYSO 91.3 and at our website, The series producer is Jocelyn Robinson, the 2014 WYSO Digital Audio Archives Fellow and a WYSO Community Voices producer.

If you’d like more information about the WYSO Digital Audio Archives – or would like to donate audio or other WYSO-related materials, write to us at You can also make a donation to our archive efforts and help pay for the digitizing and cataloging.

The work we’ve done so far was done in collaboration with the Greene County Public Library, especially archivist Deanna Ulvestad, and was made possible by a grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The 2014 WYSO Digital Archives Fellow is Jocelyn Robinson. Her series, Rediscovered Radio can be found here.